Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How I-1098 will help your community

Learn about and share with your friends how the budget cuts have hurt your community and what I-1098 will do about it:

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$11.6 billion in cuts over two years. What does that mean for me?

Its almost impossible for anyone to visualize what that means for our schools, hospitals and other essential public services.

That is why our researchers answered the question, "without I-1098, how much more will my community suffer and how much will I-1098 help my local school and other services?"

Here are the answers. We broke it down. The reports linked here show what each region in Washington has lost because of devastating budget cuts. For example, the Bellingham region has:

  • Increased tuition at Western Washington University by 24%
  • Cut hundreds of thousands of dollars from services for the elderly and people with disabilities, and
  • Forced more than 8,000 people to wait in line for the most basic (and cost saving) medical care.
And a little further down the highway, the Everett region lost 192 teachers.

You can find the report for your region here:

When we all vote Yes on 1098, $1.4 billion a year will be restored to fund education in Washington State.  That will provide millions of dollars to each of our local communities to help prepare our children for the world.

Our future depends on our kids. Washington State is a competitive and wonderful place to live because of our educated and healthy workforce. Voting Yes on 1098 will reverse the devastating cuts that have put the middle class at greater risk just as more and more families are struggling and need our schools to be strong and the most basic healthcare services to be available.

Please share these reports with your friends and family all over Washington. We have reports specific to: Bellingham, Bremerton, Everett, Olympia, Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, the Tri-Cities, Vancouver and Yakima.

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  1. The estimated cost to the state to administer the new tax and trust funds is $39,267,600.00 over the cost of 5 years. Nearly half of that cost will be in FY 2012. From where will that money come? What state programs will be cut to fund the state net costs associated to implementing I-1098?

  2. Is there any language in I-1098 that would prevent the state legislature from further cutting education funding, only to backfill those cuts using the Education Legacy Funds, resulting in no real increase in overall education spending?