Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our opponents say: "You aren't grassroots!"

Show your grassroots support for I-1098:

Grassroots suport
Our state's wealthiest CEOs and investment bankers, who are leading the charge against I-1098, claim that they are THE grassroots campaign in this fight. I am here to tell you nothing could be further from the truth.

These wealthy individuals want the newspapers and media to believe that our campaign isn't made up of people like you, who care about helping our state. (See their blog post here:

Pretty ridiculous, I know.

Can you contribute as little as $5 to help combat this attack?

We have counted on you and your tireless support since the beginning.

With your help over 380,000 voters across Washington state signed a petition that put Initiative 1098 on the November ballot so that Washingtonians could reverse the dramatic cuts that have been made to education and healthcare services. And today over 2000 small businesses and over 200 organizations representing hundreds of thousands of individuals from every corner of the state support I-1098 because of the relief it will give to small businesses and families who are struggling in this tough economy.   

Now that is grassroots!

Between now and election day we need your continued help as we grow our grassroots campaign and reach every voter across the state. Your donation of just $5 today will allow us to let voters
know how 1098 will cut their property tax and eliminate the tax on their neighbor's small business.

Please help us in this effort and send a message to the opposition that ordinary people care about passing Initiative 1098. 

Please donate today:

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  1. I have some questions: Is this a new tax. Is the state law being set aside concerning income taxes.
    Did not we vote to put into place a state lottery that was promised to generate missions for schools and lower taxes a few years ago...where are those thousands for schools? I believe this tax might drive those living here into Oregon or Idaho. When this was done previously in other states...Colorado people simply move 50 miles away and lived in the neighboring states. When Colorado hiked their fuel taxes up .13 per gallon all the truckers filled up in the 5 adjacent states before coming into Colorado thus the locals got hit hard with the tax and revenue plumeded. What are your thoughts about these issues. Thanks, Wm.