Monday, September 20, 2010

Fight back against the Seattle Times Editorial Board's crusade against I-1098

Join me and other I-1098 supporters at a phonebanking party near you!


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Map of phonebanks

My name is Seferiana and I am a volunteer for I-1098. I volunteer for I-1098 because I believe we need to level the playing field on taxes and fund much needed education and healthcare services.

I support 1098, but not everyone does.

For weeks the campaign has been battling claims put out by the opponents of I-1098. You and I have been instrumental in helping call their bluff and getting the truth out about what I-1098 will do for small businesses and middle class families while restoring funding cuts to education and healthcare.

One of the opposition's biggest mouth pieces - The Seattle Times editorial board - has been publishing editorials that mirror the opposition's misleading claims about I-1098. To date they have published 9 editorials opposing 1098.

But this week, The Seattle Times editorial board went too far and questioned the integrity of Bill Gates Sr.1 And that is wrong.

The Seattle Times publisher and the other CEOs and investment bankers opposing 1098 are on a crusade against you and the thousands of other Washingtonians supporting 1098.

If Washington State is going to thrive and continue to produce an educated and healthy workforce, we must pass I-1098. We need your continued help to spread the word.

Join me at one of the many phonebanks around the state next week. Click below to find the phonebank nearest you:

The response to our phonebanks has been phenomenal. Most voters have not yet heard about I-1098 and really do appreciate having a conversation with a real person about why they should support it.

In fact, since we started phonebanking early, many volunteers (some are veterans of many campaigns) have said that calls asking voters to support I-1098 have been some of the easiest and most effective they have ever made!

The earlier voters hear from you, the more interested they will be because many voters get turned off by the bombardment of television ads that has already started. So please join us next week at phonebanks in Everett, Seattle, Federal Way or Olympia. Click below:

Thank you for your support, and with your help I know we will be celebrating on election night!

Seferiana Day

Volunteer with 1098



  1. I will be voting yes on I-1098. My personal feeling is that Washington's tax system is extremely regressive, not fairly balanced, anti small business and fiscally unsound.

    Despite these opinions I tried to write a fairly neutral article in the Swiss online newspaper The article gives some background to Washington state to readers who would know nothing about the region. The story also covers the angle of who in the Washington State's tech community is and is not supporting 1098.

    "Barely Technical: Washington State Income Tax, Giants of Tech are Split"

  2. Slightly different title and slightly different angle about why income tax is needed to smooth the unpredictable and fluctuating tax revenue. Written for a British audience.

    "Barely Technical: Washington State Income Tax, Leaders of Tech are Split"