Thursday, September 2, 2010

20% of our kids aren't graduating

Join Bill Gates Sr. in supporting I-1098

Yes on 1098

Yes, you read that right, only 80% of the high school students in Washington State end up graduating.
I am sure you understand how difficult it is to make a living without a basic education. These kids who do not complete high school barely stand a chance in what is becoming an increasingly complex world. We simply cannot afford to have 20% of our kids lacking the basic skills they need to succeed. We are better than this. And we need to fix this problem now. 

That is why your support of Initiative 1098 is so essential. Please join our fight today:

Initiative 1098 will provide $2 billion dollars a year to tackle our education problems and restore funding cuts to healthcare services. That will mean smaller class sizes and more individual attention for our children. It will mean more widespread early learning opportunities so that all kids show up to kindergarten prepared to succeed in school and life. Overall, it will mean fewer kids will slip through the cracks. I know you agree our kids deserve a better education than what they are getting today and I-1098 will give them that.

In addition to dedicating funds for education and healthcare, I-1098 will provide tax cuts to those middle-class families and small businesses who are struggling. Under I-1098, Washington families will receive a 20% tax cut in the state portion of their property tax and 80% of businesses including small businesses will have their B&O tax eliminated.

Initiative 1098 will keep the promise to our kids by restructuring our tax system and only modestly taxing the wealthiest 1.2% of Washingtonians. The tax applies only to income above $200,000 for individuals and $400,000 per couples. By law, not a penny below that amount will be taxed.

Can you make a $25 donation so we can ensure our children's future?

Together we will give our kids the education they deserve and give our small businesses the tax break they desperately need during these tough times. 


Bill Gates Sr.


  1. FYI Please fix: your contribution link is not working

  2. Taxing those above $200,000, $400,000 joint isn't going to help. They will find loopholes and not pay it. Meanwhile, when has the state ever removed taxes? We have the highest sales tax rate in the US. A high gas tax and property taxes. Bet you those won't change.
    What about the lottery sales? Doesn't that money go to schools? How about Obamacare? Doesn't that fund healthcare?

  3. MORE money poured into the schools will NOT help! Getting RID of the Teachers Union so we can get qualified teachers will do a far better job of improving schools. The state learning to STAY within a budget instead of raising anybodys taxes is a much better idea and will do a much better job. Putting a state tax on anyone will eventually hurt everyone and affect everyone. Look at the food tax they put on us .. they weren't suppose to do THAT without the vote of the people but they did. Our state governement is always changing the laws WE the people voted in.. for their benefit .. without our permission. VOTE NO on I-1098. Its just another way for the state government to worm their way into your pockets two years down the road!

  4. I'm not rich so are you saying the rich are being punished and must pay more for making money? This is aweful I am embarrassed that Bill Gates senior would endorse this.
    Give it a few years you know what they say it rolls down hill sooner or later everyone will be paying the tax this is just a way to get it in the door.

  5. Bill Gates senior is ignorant and probably forgets things I fail to see how anyone would endorse this garbage if they knew what it was.