Tuesday, August 17, 2010

1098 will help WA even more than we thought

We have some very good news to report. The Office of Financial of Management (OFM), the independent nonpartisan agency that reports on the impacts of legislation and ballot initiatives, announced last week that 1098 will raise more money and affect fewer tax payers with a new income tax on the wealthy.1

The OFM has now determined that the income tax provisions in I-1098 will raise $2 billion per year and only affect 1.2% of the population. That means more money dedicated for education and healthcare.

With only 78 days until the election, our job is to make sure every Washingtonian knows about the benefits of 1098. Please join the postcard campaign and secure the pledge of 10 of your friends and family to support 1098:


With your support we know we can overcome the efforts by former Bush Administration staffers to mislead Washingtonians about 1098. Please recommit your support by joining the postcard campaign:


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1 The OFM report:

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  1. Why does WA state need an income tax to provide funding for health care? Isn't that what Obama care is providing?

    I'm really confused about this!!!