Saturday, August 14, 2010

Watch the video and join the postcard campaign:

Click to watch the video!

Initiative 1098 was put on the ballot with sheer people power! With your help, we were able to reach every corner of the state and gather the signatures we needed to qualify for the November ballot.

Today, we are continuing to build our grassroots effort to get people involved by launching our Yes on 1098 Postcard Campaign to secure commitments from thousands of voters to pass middle class tax reform in November.

Click below to watch a video explaining our new volunteer postcard and join the effort to identify more supporters of I-1098:

The postcard asks people to commit to vote Yes on 1098 and stay connected to the campaign.

The process is easy! Request 10 postcards be mailed to you to give out to your family and friends or you can download a PDF of the postcard you can print yourself if your printer can do double sided printing.

With your help, this postcard campaign will:

  • Build our list of supporters
  • Help raise money
  • Figure out what volunteer activities people are interested in
Campaign staff and volunteers will be gathering postcards from supporters at events and festivals. You can join us at these events or just get your friends and family to commit to supporting 1098 by filling out the postcard.

Click below to download the postcard or request we mail some to you!

Thank you for your support!

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