Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No credible alternative from our opponents

More cuts are not the answer. Help pass I-1098:

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Our opponents have proposed no credible solution to our growing education funding crisis. When asked at last week's debate to explain what they would do to dig us out of our education funding hole -- we rank a dismal 47th out of the 50 states in terms of the percentage of our economy that we invest in education -- one Defeat 1098 spokesman responded by arguing that instead of passing 1098 we should slash help for vulnerable seniors and the less fortunate by 20 percent:

“We are spending way too much on non-productive things, I am not saying human services are non-productive... and if we reduced that by 20% that would be $1.5 billion” - Lew McMurrin, lobbyist and Defeat 1098 Spokesman.

If our opponents win on Nov. 2, our state will be in serious trouble and our quality of life will be at risk. That is why we need your help today.

Our opponents clearly don’t have any real solutions to the crisis we face in Washington today. When pressured their only solution is more cuts to vital services.

I-1098 is a sensible approach that gives middle class and small businesses tax relief while asking the wealthiest to pay their fair share.

They know they can’t win a debate on education funding, or on the cuts to the Basic Health plan or on the unfairness of our tax system. So instead they are trying to deceive and mislead Washingtonians on what I-1098 will actually mean for you.

That is why we need your help to keep telling the truth to Washington’s voters.

Can you help reach our new goal of raising $118,000 online in the last 18 days of this campaign? With only 18 days left until all ballots are due, we are setting a goal of raising $1,000 a day:

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I-1098 means real help for Washington’s working families. Any couple making less than $400,000 a year will pay ZERO income tax. And all property and small business owners will actually see a tax cut!

The money generated by taxing the wealthiest 1.2% will all go to funding education and healthcare and reversing the devastating cuts.

Your contribution will help us reach our goal and make sure the thousands of volunteers working on this campaign have the materials they need to spread the word door-to-door and on the phones.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wealthy CEOs don't speak for small businesses

Push back against the CEOs and help reach the goal of raising $100,000 online for I-1098:
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Today CEOs from some of the wealthiest corporations in the state announced their opposition to I-1098.

Want to know what is really going on here? The corporate executives at some big businesses don't want to pay the tax. Its as simple as that.

The CEOs of these companies don't speak for small businesses. The truth is that I-1098 will eliminate business taxes for 118,000 small businesses in Washington State and cut taxes for an additional 39,000.

I am not surprised by this announcement but it is ironic that many of the CEOs who are opposing I-1098 have said time and time again that funding a world class education system is critical to our state's economy and our ability to compete globally.

Take a stand against these wealthy CEOs by contributing what you can. Please help reach the $100,000 goal for online fundraising by making a contribution today:


In the last 24 hours we have raised more than $5,000 for a total of $85,024 online. We need your help to reach the goal of $100,000 by the end of the week. Please contribute $1098, $109.80, $10.98 or whatever you can afford:


Investment bankers, venture capitalists, CEOs and many other wealthy individuals oppose I-1098 because they don't want to support education and healthcare with a modest income tax. They reject I-1098's property and small business tax relief as "trivial" and are spending millions to keep Washington's unfair tax system unchanged.

Your contribution will make sure that we can keep telling the truth to the voters of Washington. You can help make sure the wealthiest 1.2% of Washingtonians pay their fair share so we can educate our kids and provide healthcare for those most in need.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How I-1098 will help your community

Learn about and share with your friends how the budget cuts have hurt your community and what I-1098 will do about it:

Read the reports

$11.6 billion in cuts over two years. What does that mean for me?

Its almost impossible for anyone to visualize what that means for our schools, hospitals and other essential public services.

That is why our researchers answered the question, "without I-1098, how much more will my community suffer and how much will I-1098 help my local school and other services?"

Here are the answers. We broke it down. The reports linked here show what each region in Washington has lost because of devastating budget cuts. For example, the Bellingham region has:

  • Increased tuition at Western Washington University by 24%
  • Cut hundreds of thousands of dollars from services for the elderly and people with disabilities, and
  • Forced more than 8,000 people to wait in line for the most basic (and cost saving) medical care.
And a little further down the highway, the Everett region lost 192 teachers.

You can find the report for your region here:

When we all vote Yes on 1098, $1.4 billion a year will be restored to fund education in Washington State.  That will provide millions of dollars to each of our local communities to help prepare our children for the world.

Our future depends on our kids. Washington State is a competitive and wonderful place to live because of our educated and healthy workforce. Voting Yes on 1098 will reverse the devastating cuts that have put the middle class at greater risk just as more and more families are struggling and need our schools to be strong and the most basic healthcare services to be available.

Please share these reports with your friends and family all over Washington. We have reports specific to: Bellingham, Bremerton, Everett, Olympia, Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, the Tri-Cities, Vancouver and Yakima.

Click here to share our reports:


Thanks for your support

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bill Gate Sr. in hilarious new TV ad

Today we are launching a new ad that will start airing across Washington. Click below to get a sneak preview and make a contribution of $25 to help keep it on the air:
Watch the new ad with Bill Gates Sr.
Please share it on Facebook and Twitter and forward it to all your friends.
Bill Gates Sr. understands how important funding our education system is to the future of our state and knows that middle class families are struggling in these hard economic times. That is why he helped write the plan to modestly tax the wealthiest 1.2% of Washingtonians to generate $2 billion a year for education and healthcare. A couple making less than $400,000 will not pay any income tax under I-1098.

Will you help Bill get this message out to voters across the state by contributing $25?


Our opposition thinks I-1098 is about soaking the rich. But what it is really about is:
  • Reversing state cutbacks that have put our kids at risk
  • Dedicating $2 billion a year for education and healthcare
  • Making the wealthy pay their fair share

The opposition is only thinking about themselves and the short-term. We need your help to plan for the long-term and to protect Washington's future.


Please make a donation of whatever you can to keep this ad on the air and to help us continue to tell the truth about I-1098 to the voters of Washington.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fight back against the Seattle Times Editorial Board's crusade against I-1098

Join me and other I-1098 supporters at a phonebanking party near you!


Click the map below to find the closest one:

Map of phonebanks

My name is Seferiana and I am a volunteer for I-1098. I volunteer for I-1098 because I believe we need to level the playing field on taxes and fund much needed education and healthcare services.

I support 1098, but not everyone does.

For weeks the campaign has been battling claims put out by the opponents of I-1098. You and I have been instrumental in helping call their bluff and getting the truth out about what I-1098 will do for small businesses and middle class families while restoring funding cuts to education and healthcare.

One of the opposition's biggest mouth pieces - The Seattle Times editorial board - has been publishing editorials that mirror the opposition's misleading claims about I-1098. To date they have published 9 editorials opposing 1098.

But this week, The Seattle Times editorial board went too far and questioned the integrity of Bill Gates Sr.1 And that is wrong.

The Seattle Times publisher and the other CEOs and investment bankers opposing 1098 are on a crusade against you and the thousands of other Washingtonians supporting 1098.

If Washington State is going to thrive and continue to produce an educated and healthy workforce, we must pass I-1098. We need your continued help to spread the word.

Join me at one of the many phonebanks around the state next week. Click below to find the phonebank nearest you:


The response to our phonebanks has been phenomenal. Most voters have not yet heard about I-1098 and really do appreciate having a conversation with a real person about why they should support it.

In fact, since we started phonebanking early, many volunteers (some are veterans of many campaigns) have said that calls asking voters to support I-1098 have been some of the easiest and most effective they have ever made!

The earlier voters hear from you, the more interested they will be because many voters get turned off by the bombardment of television ads that has already started. So please join us next week at phonebanks in Everett, Seattle, Federal Way or Olympia. Click below:


Thank you for your support, and with your help I know we will be celebrating on election night!

Seferiana Day

Volunteer with 1098

1 http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/editorials/2012896742_edit15gatesad.html

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our opponents say: "You aren't grassroots!"

Show your grassroots support for I-1098:

Grassroots suport
Our state's wealthiest CEOs and investment bankers, who are leading the charge against I-1098, claim that they are THE grassroots campaign in this fight. I am here to tell you nothing could be further from the truth.

These wealthy individuals want the newspapers and media to believe that our campaign isn't made up of people like you, who care about helping our state. (See their blog post here: http://www.defeat1098.com/defeat-1098-vs-yes-on-1098---by-the-numbers)

Pretty ridiculous, I know.

Can you contribute as little as $5 to help combat this attack?


We have counted on you and your tireless support since the beginning.

With your help over 380,000 voters across Washington state signed a petition that put Initiative 1098 on the November ballot so that Washingtonians could reverse the dramatic cuts that have been made to education and healthcare services. And today over 2000 small businesses and over 200 organizations representing hundreds of thousands of individuals from every corner of the state support I-1098 because of the relief it will give to small businesses and families who are struggling in this tough economy.   

Now that is grassroots!

Between now and election day we need your continued help as we grow our grassroots campaign and reach every voter across the state. Your donation of just $5 today will allow us to let voters
know how 1098 will cut their property tax and eliminate the tax on their neighbor's small business.

Please help us in this effort and send a message to the opposition that ordinary people care about passing Initiative 1098. 

Please donate today:

Thursday, September 2, 2010

20% of our kids aren't graduating

Join Bill Gates Sr. in supporting I-1098

Yes on 1098

Yes, you read that right, only 80% of the high school students in Washington State end up graduating.
I am sure you understand how difficult it is to make a living without a basic education. These kids who do not complete high school barely stand a chance in what is becoming an increasingly complex world. We simply cannot afford to have 20% of our kids lacking the basic skills they need to succeed. We are better than this. And we need to fix this problem now. 

That is why your support of Initiative 1098 is so essential. Please join our fight today: https://www.upwardstech.net/yeson1098

Initiative 1098 will provide $2 billion dollars a year to tackle our education problems and restore funding cuts to healthcare services. That will mean smaller class sizes and more individual attention for our children. It will mean more widespread early learning opportunities so that all kids show up to kindergarten prepared to succeed in school and life. Overall, it will mean fewer kids will slip through the cracks. I know you agree our kids deserve a better education than what they are getting today and I-1098 will give them that.

In addition to dedicating funds for education and healthcare, I-1098 will provide tax cuts to those middle-class families and small businesses who are struggling. Under I-1098, Washington families will receive a 20% tax cut in the state portion of their property tax and 80% of businesses including small businesses will have their B&O tax eliminated.

Initiative 1098 will keep the promise to our kids by restructuring our tax system and only modestly taxing the wealthiest 1.2% of Washingtonians. The tax applies only to income above $200,000 for individuals and $400,000 per couples. By law, not a penny below that amount will be taxed.

Can you make a $25 donation so we can ensure our children's future? https://www.upwardstech.net/yeson1098

Together we will give our kids the education they deserve and give our small businesses the tax break they desperately need during these tough times. 


Bill Gates Sr.